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Utsjoki is one of the richest areas regarding northern lights in the northern Lappland. Northern lights can be seen for more than 200 days a year. Overall, the northern lights season lasts for 8 months, from September to April. The best time to watch the northern lights is the hours on both sides of midnight.

Northern lights are caused by a flow of particles coming from the sun and hitting the Earth's atmosphere. These solar winds travel 148 million kilometers before encountering the earth’s magnetic field. Northern lights are generated in the upper atmosphere of the Earth at an altitude of about 100 to 200 kilometers.

Northern lights occur in different colors, e.g. green, white, blue, red, purple.

People have also reported hearing sounds during the northern lights. Sounds have been described as hissing, humming, rattling, popping, and clicking.

See the probability of northern lights appearing in Finland at the Finnish Meteorological Institute 

From the Space Weather pages.

During the winter season, real-time images of northern lights cameras are displayed at night 

On Auroras Now.

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