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Elli's path

The Elli's path is 3.8 km long and its starting point is 2 km from Utsjoki in the direction of Karigasniemi. The route is easy to navigate and there is a campfire hut and a camp fire along the way. The route returns to its starting point.

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Long hiking trails

Utsjoki's longer hiking trails are 25 km and 35 km long. The Utsjoki hiking trail in the Paistunturi wilderness area starts in the yard of the luontotupa. The southern end point is Mantojärvi Church. Along the route, the highest fell reached is Roavveoaivi (466 m), which offers magnificent views of Rastigaisa in Norway. It is also possible to follow the route as a ring route when you add a 10 km trail back to the luontotupa.  

Map link for routes.

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Kalkujoenlampi Trail

The Kalkujoenlampi Trail is 5.9 km long and the route starts at the Utsjoki luontotupa. The beginning is a steep rocky ascent, but becomes easier in the mountain plateau. The route ends at the edge of the sports field or you can alternatively walk back to the luontotupa by road.

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Kevo hiking trail

The Kevo hiking trail offers more challenge even for an experienced hiker. There you can experience the wildest nature of Lapland. Kevo hiking trail is 63 km long. The route runs between the bottom of the canyon and the top of the highlands. The route crosses the Kevo river three times. Along the way you will also see the beautiful natural attraction Fiellu Falls.  

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Arctic Time Travel

The route proceeds from the center of Utsjoki to the Paistunturi wilderness. It is a total of 14 km long. Along the Arctic Time Travel trail, the traveler learns about the history of the universe of 13.8 billion years. One kilometer of the path is equivalent to one billion years of cosmic time. There are 15 information boards along the path about science and history.  


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The Kuivi route

The Kevo nature reserve offers a 83.5 km long trail, Kuivi route. The route partly follows the Kevo hiking trail, but parts way at Rutkajärvi. The Kuivi route proceed in the fell area in the Paistunturi wilderness. There are several cottages to sleep and rest in along the way.

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