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In this exceptional situation in the summer of 2022, salmon fishing is prohibited in the Teno River.

Fishing for other species however is possible.

More information on fishing restrictions can be found here.

Under normal circumstances, the municipality of Utsjoki is known for its excellent fishing opportunities.

The Teno river is 361 km long and very well known worldwide for its salmon.

Tenojoki is Europe's largest and most profitable natural salmon river, which flows into the Arctic Ocean.

In addition to salmon, trout and grayling are found in the river.

The clean waters of rivers and mountain lakes in the Utsjoki area,

diverse fisheries and peaceful nature, as well as the proximity of the Arctic Ocean offers

experiences in both winter and summer.

At the same time, the Teno River is a border river between Norway and Finland.

Hotel Utsjoki is located on the banks of the Utsjoki River. When you walk only 50 meters down the hill, you come to the banks of the Utsjoki river to good fishing spots. Utsjoki flows into Teno River and salmon rises into Utsjoki.


Utsjoki and Northern Norway offer numerous interesting nature sites and attractions. The Utsjoki Valley has been chosen as one of Finland's national landscapes and is one of the most valuable landscapes in Finland. Utsjoki and Teno river, known for their fishing opportunities, are also impressive sights and natural attractions in different seasons.



The Sámi are the only indigenous people in the European Union. The Sámi homeland is northwestern Russia, Lapland in Finland and Sweden, and northern Norway. Utsjoki is the only municipality with a Sámi majority and you can hear the Sámi language everywhere. Traditional Sámi costumes are worn at parties and events.  The historic cottages called "kirkkotuvat" near the church of Utsjoki emanate the history of Sámi people.


 The northern lights are one of the most fascinating natural phenomena in the world. Utsjoki is one of the most certain areas in northern Lapland to see the northern lights. The northern lights season is long, starting from the end of August and lasts until the end of April. Northern lights can be seen for more than 200 days a year.



Visit on of Europe's northernmost golf clubs just an hour drive away form Utsjoki:

Varanger Golf Club


Hunting in mountain birch groves or barren areas in Utsjoki is different from forested areas. Unforgettable hunting experiences can be gained in Utsjoki with willow grouses, hares, moose, small predators and waterfowl. Small game hunting is also possible for out-of-town visitors within the hunting seasons and permits.

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