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Visit one of the worldsnorthernmost golf courses

Lapland surprises golfers! The summer trip to Utsjoki, the northernmost municipality in Finland, is definitely worth combining golf with the world's northernmost golf course, Varanger Golf Club. Just over an hour’s drive from Utsjoki, you will find this nine-hole golf course in Norway. Varanger Golf Course is located a few hundred meters from the E75 road on the shores of the Varanger Fjord.

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Varanger Golf Club

Due to the current of the golf stream, the northernmost golf course in the world, Varanger, remains playable for a long time, from early spring to late autumn.  Batting points and greens are artificial turf and guarantee uniform conditions on every fairway. Green barren birches at the edges of the fairways and pretty flower plantations at the striking sites make the field picturesque.  

There is a small clubhouse on the field where game fees are paid. Playing is possible even if there are no staff present. It’s a good idea to set aside some cash for the game payment and leave it in a small mailbox.

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Experiences at the Arctic Ocean

The most beautiful and perhaps most challenging fairway on Varanger Golf Course is the number one fairway, a nearly 300-meter par 4. It curves slightly to the left and a small green awaits higher. The field is designed on the edge of a fell in a flat area where there are few height differences. The shorter fairways make the field comfortable and relaxed.  

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