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King Crab Safari

Would you be tempted to go fishing for the prince of the ice sea, the king crab? It is possible, because through Hotel Utsjoki you can book a trip to the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean is only a 1.5-hour drive from Utsjoki, i.e. just "around the corner".


Northern Norwegian crab fisherman Edgar Olsen organizes guided crabbing/fishing trips to the Arctic Ocean. The trip can be booked almost all year round, the reservation must be made a month in advance.

King Crab safari includes:

  • Guide from Hotel Utsjoki to the safari spot and surrounding attractions

  • Appropriate clothing for the Arctic Ocean

  • Crabbing and fishing from a boat

  • Dining from self-caught crabs and fish

For the crab safari you need:

  • Own ride 


Trip price: €300/person, min 3 and max 8.

Ice skating excursion All Inclusive

An ice-skating trip to one of the following lakes:

Riekkojärvi (Kaldoaivi), Njargajärvi (Kaldoaivi), Kuoppilasjärvi (Paistunturi) or Loktajärvi (Paistunturi)

We go on an ice-skating trip with a snowmobile sled, a distance of approx. 20 km. When we reach the place, we start ice fishing and shooting. The guide tells about ice fishing, teaches how to catch fish and answers questions about winter fishing and the nature of Utsjoki. While ice fishing on Lake Tunturijärvi, we enjoy warm soup, fry sausages and make warm sandwiches. We spend approx. 2 to 4 hours on Lake Tunturijärvi. After returning from an ice-skating trip, at the request of customers, fish can be fried at the Hotel and at the same time enjoy hot drinks.

Ice skating All Inclusive includes the following:

  • Appropriate clothing (coveralls, shoes, gloves)

  • Need a ride

  • The guide

  • Ice tools

  • Food and drink 


Ice skating All Inclusive price: 180€

Duration: At least 4 hours

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