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Hotel, directly next to the toboggan run

The Utsjoki Kaldoaiv wilderness offers great opportunities for snowmobiling. There are hundreds of lakes, fells and small rivers along the route, which you can admire in varied terrain, between steep fells, on an open hill, in a coniferous forest and on mountain sections.

On the way you can choose from three different routes: from Inari to Utsjoki, Nuorgami or Nuorgam  To Sevettijärvi. Winter time is the best time to visit Utsjoki and experience it in the best form of sledding.

Hotel Utsjoki can be thought of as the end point of the sledding routes of the Kaldoaiv wilderness. Because the sled route from Inari ends near the village center of Utsjoki, directly at Hotel Utsjoki's yard. You can now go directly to the hotel yard by snowmobile, and Hotel Utsjoke has a direct connection to the gas station located in the village center.

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