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Enjoy the breathtaking scenery


Hotel Utsjoki is located on the banks of the Utsjoki River. The hotel offers accommodation in Paulaharju and Ailigas wing's hotel rooms in the main building, in the atmospheric Alissande log igloo on the Teno riverside, or in the terraced house next to the hotel’s main building.

The reception is open every day from 14.00 to 21.00


At Alissande log igloo, high on the slopes of the Teno River, you can experience a unique overnight experience. The panoramic windows offer breathtaking views of the Teno River and the fells of Finland and Norway.


Surrounded by nature, Alissande is located 6 km away from Hotel Utsjoki.

Winter time price

450 € / day / 2 person

There are cozy single and double hotel rooms with a private toilet and shower in Ailigas wing in the legendary hotels main building. Ailigas wing also has one suite and a single room for the disabled.

110 € / day / 1 person incl. Breakfast and evening sauna

138 € / day / 2 person incl. Breakfast and evening sauna

Ailigas wing

Paulaharju wing

Rooms at the Paulaharju Wing are located in the hotel’s main building along the Utsjoki River. Paulaharju is the original wing of the hotel, with single and double rooms. Rooms are equipped with a TV and a private bathroom. 

108 € / day / 1 person incl. Breakfast and evening sauna
128 € / day / 2 person incl. Breakfast and evening sauna.


Fishermen's Lodge

The Fishermen's Lodge apartments are affordable quadruple cells and are located next to the hotel in the same courtyard. The apartments are intended for long-term living.

Extra bed

Extra bed available in hotel rooms for €35/day. The price of an extra bed includes breakfast and an evening sauna.


Are you traveling with a pet?

They are also welcome to stay with us!

Our hotel has rooms reserved for staying with pets.

Please inform us of your need when booking!

Pet surcharge €20

Several pets +€10

How to get to Utsjoki

It is convenient to travel to Utsjoki by plane. Several airports in Finland and Northern Norway make it possible to reach Utsjoki from further distances.

Read more about the airports nearby

Arrive by train

The state railways extend to Rovaniemi and Kolari.

From Rovaniemi, you can easily hop on a bus from the train station and arrive at Utsjoki via Sodankylä, changing in Ivalo.

Pedal to Utsjoki

The journey is long, but not impossible.

Arriving by bike is certainly one of the most laborious and time-consuming methods. A bicycle trip across Finland is also certainly one of the most rewarding ones.

Please allow enough time to travel!

We recommend two weeks!

The trip from Hanko to Nuorgam has been made by bike within 61 hours and 38 minutes.

Arrive with your own car

Finland's diverse and varied nature comes into its own when you can admire it from the whole of Finland.

You can head towards Utsjoki along the E75 or choose a scenic route through the west coast or the east border!

Choose a place to sleep along the way or arrive to Utsjoki in one sitting, but remember to enjoy the scenery!

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