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Hunting in Utsjoki

Starting from September

Hunting in mountain birch groves or barren areas in Utsjoki differs from forested areas. Unforgettable hunting experiences can be gained in Utsjoki with willow grouses, hares, moose, small predators and waterfowl.

Small game hunting is possible also for out-of-towners within the hunting seasons and permits.  

Willow grouses hunt begins in September continuing until March. Moose hunting begins on the first day of September. More detailed hunting times can be found e.g. From the Finnish Game Center website:

Hunting permits  can be purchased from an online store:


by calling a service number 

020 69 2424

Metsähallitus' small game permits are also handled by the telephone service for batch permits. Open on weekdays 9-16.

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Hunt for moose

From September to December

Join the moose hunt in Utsjoki!

Have you  experienced moose hunting in vast wilderness and mountain areas? Utsjoki and its surroundings create unique hunting conditions.


Utsjoki and Teno are mooses wintering areas. In early winter, moose thrive in open fells, and later in the winter they proceed to riversides and slopes.

In Utsjoki, moose are hunted with dogs or by snooping.  

Hunt for willow grouse

From September to March

Hotel Utsjoki offers its residents the opportunity to take part in a hunt for willow grouse in the Utsjoki area with a local hunter and his dog. It is also possible to follow the hunt without a gun. 

A group can have 1 to 3 people at a time. Participants apply for hunting permits themselves.



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